Using the Witkin Treatises

This guide introduces the four Witkin Treatises for researching California law.

Institute Website

The Witkin Legal Institute prepares the Witkin Library (the four Witkin treatises), which is published by Thomson West and is also available on both Westlaw and LexisNexis. The Witkin Legal Institute website contains information about the four Witkin treatises:

  •  [Witkin’s]  Summary of California law  (10th ed., 2005)
    Law California Collection
         KFC80 .W5 2005

    (l CAL;WITSUM)


  • [Witkin’s]  California criminal law (4th ed., 2012)
    Law California Collection
         KFC1100 .W57 2012

    ( CAL;


  •  [Witkin’s]  California procedure (5th ed., 2008)
    Law California Collection
         KFC995 .W54

    ( CAL


  •  [Witkin’s]  California evidence (5th ed., 2012)
    Law California Collection
         KFC1030 .W5 2012

    ( CAL

The Witkin Legal Institute website lists tables of contents for each treatise and includes a tutorial on how to use the volumes in print and on Westlaw. They also contain biographical information about Bernard E. Witkin, along with some photographs, and streaming and downloadable versions of Bernie's Song, described as "the only rock song ever written in honor of a legal scholar."

Heafey Law Library Research Team