Using the Witkin Treatises

This guide introduces the four Witkin Treatises for researching California law.

Summary of California Law

Summary of California law, 10th ed. (2005)
with annual supplements

Witkin's Summary of California law provides broad coverage of California law and useful finding devices. Volume 16 contains a subject index for the entire Summary. It also contains detailed outlines for each of the 21 chapters in the 14 substantive volumes. Volume 15 includes several lengthy tables: of cases, code sections, and rules. Because section numbering has changed in the 10th edition of the Summary, volume 15 also contains a table relating 9th edition section numbers to those appearing in the 10th edition.

Each substantive volume of the Summary contains a list of abbreviations, a brief table of contents for the entire Summary and a detailed table of contents for that individual volume. Each chapter within each volume begins with a detailed outline. All of these outlines are reproduced in volume 16, the index volume. Individual hardbound volumes are supplemented annually with pocket parts or paperback supplements. Paperback volumes 15 and 16 are republished each year, with updates incorporated so that there are no separate supplements to the index and tables.

The text of the Summary is included in a separate file and in the combined file of Witkin treatises on both Westlaw and Lexis. The Summary is also indexed in the Witkin combined index, available in print and on Westlaw (State Materials > California; scroll down to Secondary Souces > Witkin's California Materials and, in the right-hand column > Witkin Finding Aids).   

The brief table of contents for the entire Summary is as follows:

Volume 1
Table of abbreviations

I.      Contracts

Volume 2
II.     Insurance
III.    Workers' compensation

Volume 3
IV.    Agency and employment

Volume 4
V.     Sales
VI.    Negotiable instruments
VII.   Secured transactions in personal property
VIII.  Security transactions in real property

Volumes 5, 6
IX.    Torts

Volumes 7, 8
X.     Constitutional law

Volume 9
XI.    Taxation
XII.   Partnership
XIII.  Corporations

Volume 10
XIV.   Parent and child

Volume 11
XV.    Husband and wife
XVI.   Community property

Volume 12
XVII.  Real property

Volume 13
XVIII. Personal property
XIX.   Equity
XX.    Trusts

Volume 14
XXI.   Wills and probate

Volume 15
Table of cases
Table of code citations
Table of constitutions
Table of rules, forms, and instructions
Table of ninth and tenth edition sections

Volume 16

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