Using the Witkin Treatises

This guide introduces the four Witkin Treatises for researching California law.

Californi Procedure

California procedure, 5th ed. (2008)
with annual supplements

The fist nine volumes of California procedure contain a total of fourteen chapters, listed below, covering California civil procedure in detail.  Volume 10 contains the subject index and tables for the other nine volumes, which do not have individual indexes, tables of statutes, code citations, etc. The full text of California procedure is available as a separate file and on both Lexis and Westlaw. All of the Witkin treatises are also indexed via the Witkin Combined Index, available in print and on Westlaw. 

In the front of each volume of California procedure, there is a brief table of contents for all ten volumes and a table of abbreviations used throughout the treatise. Individual volumes have a detailed table of contents for that volume only. Each chapter begins with a detailed outline. Several of the California Procedure volumes contain only one chapter. Volumes 4 and 5 together include only one chapter, on Pleading.

Each volume of California procedure, except for Volume 10, contains an individual annual supplement, published as a pocket part or as a separate paperback volume. Volume 10's subject index and tables include entries for all of that year's supplements as well as for the bound volumes. Because the section numbering has changed in the 5th edition, volume 10 also contains a table relating section number is the 4th edition to those in the 5th edition.

Volume 1
I.    Attorneys

Volume 2
II.   Courts
III.  Jurisdiction

Volume 3
V.    Actions

Volume 4
V.    Pleading

Volume 5
V.    Pleading

Volume 6
VI.   Provisional remedies
VII.  Proceedings without trial

Volume 7
VIII. Trial
IX.    Judgment

Volume 8
X.     Enforcement of judgment
XI.    Attack on judgment in trial court
XII.   Extraordinary writs

Volume 9
XIII.  Appeal
XIV.  Administrative proceedings

Volume 10
Table of cases
Table of code citations
Table of constitutions
Table of rules, forms, and instructions
Table of fourth and fifth edition sections


Heafey Law Library Research Team