Using the Witkin Treatises

This guide introduces the four Witkin Treatises for researching California law.

California Criminal Law

California criminal law, 4th ed. (2012)
with annual supplements

Justice Norman L. Epstein of the California Court of Appeal is a co-author of the fourth edition of California criminal law.

The first six volumes of California criminal law contain a total of eighteen chapters, listed below. Volume 7 contains the subject index and tables for the preceding six volumes, which do not have individual tables of statutes, code citations, etc. The full text of California criminal law is available on Westlaw and on LexisNexis. 

In the front of each volume, there is a brief table of contents for all six volumes and a table of abbreviations used throughout the treatise. Individual volumes have a detailed table of contents for that volume only. Each chapter begins with a detailed outline.

Volume 7 includes tables for the preceing six volumes. A parallel reference table in volume 7 enbles the reader to determine where citations to the 3rd edition can be found in the 4th edition.

Each volume of California criminal law contains an individual annual supplement, published as a pocket part or as a separate paperback volume.

Volume 1
I.      Introduction to crimes
II.     Elements
III.    Defenses
IV.   Crimes against the person

Volume 2
V.    Crimes against property
VI.   Sex offenses and crimes against decency
VII.  Crimes against public peace and welfare
VII.  Crimes against governmental authority

Volume 3
IX.    Punishment

Volume 4
X.     Introduction to criminal procedure
XI.    Jurisdiction and venue
XII.   Pretrial proceedings
XIII.   Illegally obtained evidence

Volume 5
XIV.  Criminal trial

Volume 6
XV.   Criminal judgment
XVI.  Criminal appeal
XVII.  Reversible error
XVIII. Criminal writs

Volume 7
Table of cases

Table of code citations
Table of constitutions
Table of rules, forms, and instructions
Tables of second and third edition sections
Chapter outlines


Heafey Law Library Research Team