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1L Guide on Criminal Law

A short guide to study aids and resources for 1L students in Criminal Law

Introduction to Criminal Law

Welcome to Criminal Law!

In this class you will be introduced to basic substantive criminal law, and explore what act and mental state, together with what attendant circumstances or consequences, are necessary ingredients of various crimes.  You will also study many of the crimes against persons and property and analysis in detail the concepts of responsibility (insanity, intoxication, infancy, etc.), defenses, justifications, excuses, parties to the crime, and anticipatory offenses.  Common law history and modern statutes are used as teaching material.

This research guide is a supplement to, not a substitution for, any materials which your Criminal Law professor requires or recommends.  This guide identifies various materials available to you, specifically:

  • Study aids and Reserve materials:
  • CALI, Lexis, and Westlaw study materials; and
  • Location of major sources.

Finally, please see the 1L Guide for Orientation for general information about the Law Library, including maps, how to print, etc.  If you have any questions, feel free to stop by the Law Library Research Services offices (235 - 239), email the librarians at, or call them at (408) 554-4452.