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How to find previous exams

The law library makes SCU law school exams available online in the law school's intranet, Emery (SCU Gmail login required). Emery only includes selected exams from 2004 to present. Emery only includes those exams which faculty have permitted to be released and not all professors release their exams. These published exams normally include only essay questions and do not include multiple choice or true/false portions of exams. Some professors may place multiple choice exams, sample answers, or other special exam materials on their own Camino course page, their personal web site, or on TWEN [The West Education Network] if they are using it. 

When using Emery, click on the Students tab on the top right navigation bar and choose Law School Past Exams from the drop down menu. Choose the course name you are looking for and scroll down to view the exams.