Animal Law

This research guide is designed for students doing work in subject areas related to animal law. This subject includes topics such as animal cruelty, animal testing, and regulation of agricultural animals.

Other law library research guides

Animal Law and Animal Rights (University of Chicago) -- A brief research guide, last updated in 2005.

International and Foreign Animal Law (Georgetown Law Library) -- An excellent research guide for international, and foreign, animal law.

Animal Law Research Guide (Georgetown Law Library) -- An excellent research guide restricted to American animal law sources.


Issues related to animal law have become important elements in American jurisprudence. This field not only regulates the treatment of domesticated or companion animals, but also farm animals, wildlife, medical experimentation, hunting/wildlife management, animal sacrifice, and aquatic life.


This research guide is designed for students doing coursework in this area of law. It is not designed for issues relating to international and foreign animal law. For these sources, please refer to the other research guides listed below.

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