Study Aids Online

Westlaw Academic Study Aids

1) Access to West Academic study aids first requires patrons to create a West Academic account (if you do not already have one). 

2) You must use your email address when setting up your Academic account.  If you use an alternative email address with your West Academic account you will not be permitted to sign on to the study aid section.  

3) If you are just setting up your West Academic account you must receive your confirmation email that you have an a West Academic account before continuing.

4) After setting up your Academic account you will need to sign-in at and verify your school email address.   You will then receive a second email confirming your account has been accepted.  This second email may take several hours to arrive.  You will not have access to any publications on the West site until you receive the second confirmation email. 

A document explaining the process is attached below.  

Subject Guide