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How To

Course Reserves Information

The Law Library Services Desk staff processes Course Reserve requests from faculty. Course Reserve materials are located inside the Closed Reserve room and are organized on the shelf by course name. Course Reserve materials circulate for either 2 or 24 hours. All patrons must use two-hour material in the building. Course Reserve items can be searched online by course name in the library catalog. Please note that not every instructor places material on Course Reserve and some instructors may instead post documents on their course pages in Camino.

Electronic Reserves

Professors may place electronic materials (Word documents, PDFs, etc.) on Camino, the course management system. You will need your SCU Google Apps login info to access Camino.

Emery, the law school's intranet system hosts past exams and other law related materials not accessible by the public.‚Äč

If your professor is using an off-campus system, such as TWEN (WestLaw) or WebCourses (Lexis), there are tutorials for that located on their respective websites.

Print Reserves

Using the library catalog, OSCAR, you can search for course reserve materials for your class. Next to the search box, choose Course Name from the drop-down menu and enter the name of your course.

Once you have searched for the course name, you will get a search result, if one exists.  Click on the search result and the catalog will list all items currently on reserve for that course. You can stop by the Library Services desk to check out the course reserve book. Please note, course reserve materials generally circulate for a 2 hour period.