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Smart Print Information

SmartPrint is the Santa Clara University branded student print system. All SCU students, staff, and faculty are free to use SmartPrint. Law Students are given $40 each semester for printing. Please note that left over SmartPrint funds are not carried over to the next semester. 

Printers can be found on every floor in Charney Hall. There are a total of four SmartPrint printers in Charney Hall, including a color printer in the 1st floor printer room.   

1st Floor - Color Printer - Charney Hall 116
1st  Floor - BW Printer 1 - Charney Hall 116
2nd Floor - BW Printer 2 - Charney Hall 241
3rd Floor - BW Printer 3 - Charney Hall 309

Black & White Printing: Single-sided print: 8 cents/page | Double-sided print: 6 cents/page
Color Printing: Single-sided print: 15 cents/page | Double-sided Printing: 12 cents/page