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How To

Smart Print

Students may set up their personal laptops to send documents to the SmartPrint system by installing the SmartPrint client on their laptops to print in Black and White or in color. 

How to print using SmartPrint client on your computer:

  1. Install the SmartPrint client using this link.

  2. Send print job to the SmartPrint BW or Color Printer from laptop or public terminal 

  3. Enter SCU network/Google apps username when prompted

  4. Go to any SmartPrint BW or Color Print Release Station

  5. Swipe Access Card or enter SCU Google Apps username  

  6. Locate document on the queue

  7. Click Print to send the document to the printer

SmartPrint Mobile Print

The SmartPrint Print Center is the web portal to the SmartPrint print management system.

The Print Center lets users manage their printing within their browser on the SCU campus network.
Users log in using their SCU Google Apps username and password. 

  1. Access the SmartPrint Print Center via web browser here:

  2. Log in using SCU Google Apps log in username and password

  3. Click the Upload button on the top left or drag files to browser to upload files

  4. On the bottom right of the page, choose a printer: Charney Printer 1, 2 or 3. If you don’t see a printer, type the name under Search.

  5. Click Print when ready to print

  6. Go to selected printer to pick up print job

  7. Students can also add money here by clicking on the Add Funds link on the bottom left of the page