Sexual Orientation and the Law

This guide covers issues including marriage equality, employment and housing discrimination, child custody issues, and military policy.


Legal issues involving the lives and relationships of LGBTIQ peoples have become important issues in public policy, debate, and politics.  This research guide may be helpful in doing research in this topic area.

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Locating the Law

The law librarians at the Southern California Association of Law Libraries have created a wonderful, and concise, guide to legal research that includes California, Federal, and International legal materials.  All of these documents are in PDF format.   You will need Adobe Reader to view them.

These are selected chapters from this e-book.  If you would like to view the entire book you can access it via the SCALL website.

CALI Lessons

Same Sex Relationships

This lesson addresses the legal ramifications of same-sex relationships, stresses comprehension of the arguments regarding the opposite sex requirement for marriage, and includes the various schemes states have used to address the controversies. Additionally, this lesson contains material relating to transgendered individuals who marry and international perspectives. It can be used as class preparation, supplement, or review.

LGBT Legal Blogs

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