Animal Law

This research guide is designed for students doing work in subject areas related to animal law. This subject includes topics such as animal cruelty, animal testing, and regulation of agricultural animals.

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Shiegehiko, Ito. "Beyond standing: a search for a new solution in animal welfare", 46.2 Santa Clara Law Review 377-418 (2006).


Frank, Brian L. "Cows in hot water: regulation of livestock grazing through the Federal Clean Water Act", 35.4Santa Clara Law Review 1269-1308 (1995).


Gates, Joan. "Animal patents: man-made life forms as patentable subject matter", 4 Santa Clara Computer and High Tech Law Journal 139-142 (1988).

Animal Law Journals

 The journals listed here focus exclusively on animal issues.  However many general law reviews and journals include articles on this topic.  It is best to consult a periodical index like LegalTrac or the Index to Legal Periodicals to ensure a comprehensive search.

Animal Law (Northwestern School of Law of Lewis and Clark College)

K 1 A5235

The journal, Animal Law, published at Lewis and Clark in Portland, OR is the country's first law journal focused on animal law issues. The library owns all print volumes of this journal from 1995 onward, and it is also available via HeinOnline


Journal of International Wildlife and Policy (Whittier Law School)

K 10 J687

Journal of Animal Law (Michigan State University - College of Law)

(electronic only)


Journal of Animal Law and Ethics(University of Pennsylvania Law School)

(electronic only)

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