Animal Law

This research guide is designed for students doing work in subject areas related to animal law. This subject includes topics such as animal cruelty, animal testing, and regulation of agricultural animals.

Animal Law Blogs

Animal Law Blog

  • Animal Law Blog features news and cases relating to animal law. It also provides links to animal law attorneys and law professors.

Florida Animal Law

  • This blawg covers issues and news related to animal law with a focus on Florida.

Animal Rights: The Abolitionist Approach

  • Animal Rights: The Abolitionist Approach explores animal rights issues from a perspective that "requires the abolition of animal exploitation and rejects the notion that animal use is acceptable if we treat animals 'humanely.' "


  • Covers the legal and other activities of the Animal Legal Defense Fund and other animal-rights causes in the courts or in the news.

Animal Blawg

  • "Transcending speciesism since October 2008." Animal law, animal rIghts, animal ethics, and animal policy.

The United States Agricultural & Food Law and Policy Blog

  • "Frequently updated with news, information and resource items about agricultural law and policy and food law and policy."

KY Journal of Equine, Agriculture & Natural Resources Law

  • The KY Journal of Equine, Agriculture & Natural Resources Law blawg is committed to developing a productive dialogue between legal scholars, practitioners and students in the fields of equine, agricultural and natural resources law. The blawg is updated weekly by 2L and 3L staff members of KJEANRL to provide a reliable online counterpart to the print copy of the journal. Additionally, legal professionals are strongly encouraged to submit online articles to be published on the blawg. Readers of the journal and the various online articles are invited discuss the articles on the blawg.

Frankie the Law Dog

  • "Discussing topics of interest to dog lovers."

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