California Legislative Intent

This guide provides resources for doing research on determining legislative intent of bills passed by the California legislature.

Session Laws

West’s California Legislative Service (1970-  )
Arranged yearly by chaptered law number and may give the following information:

  • Chaptered law number,
  • The text of the law as passed,
  • Bill number and title and author,
  • Code citation
  • Included since 1972, the Legislative Counsel’s Digest

KFC 25 C301 California Collection

Statutes and Amendments to the Code (1850- )
These are the official session laws arranged annually by chaptered law number. May include:

  • 10 year table of code sections affected,
  • Cross references from bill number to chaptered law number,
  • List of vetoed bills,
  • Bill number and title,
  • Law as passed,
  • Code citation.

KFC 25 A24 Microform Collection

California Annotated Codes

Deering's California Codes Annotated
Annotations to code section will give chaptered law number and other legislative history sources including:

  • Opinions of the Legislative Counsel; (See under "Bill Texts, Reports and Studies below)
  • Opinions of the Attorney General;
  • Law Revision Commission

KFC 30.5 D4 California Collection

West’s Annotated California Codes
Annotations will give chaptered law number and other legislative history sources including, since 1955, cites to:

  • Published reports in the Journals of the Senate and Assembly,
  • Law Revision Commission comments,
  • Legislative committees comments,
  • Code Commissioners notes,
  • Opinions of the Attorney General.

KFC 30.5 W4 California Collection

West’s Superseded California Codes
These are older versions of the California Codes. They are arranged by subject and in alphabetical order. Some contain Pocket Parts. Useful for
determing the text of a Code in particular year.

KFC 30.5 W4 1954-55 Microform Collection

Subject Guide

Subject Guide