Federal Statutory Research

This guide contains materials for locating federal legislative documents such as session laws, code sections, and other online resources.


Heinonline Contains the U.S. Code, in PDF format, from 1925 onward.

Legal Information Institute (Cornell Law School) -- Offers the full-text of the following:

GPO Access Provides access to the U.S. Code.

WestLaw Provides access to the Statutes at Large from 1789 to 1972 (US-STATLRG) in PDF format.  It also has the current U.S.C.A. (USCA), and the offical unannotated code (USC).  For public laws, the database US-PL provides access to public laws from the current Congressional session, while US-PL-OLD covers public laws from 1973 to the previous year.  West also provides the text of the United States Code Congressional and Administrative News (USCANN-PL) from 1973 onward.

Lexis Lexis provides access to its annotated code, U.S.C.S.   It also has public laws from 1988 onward in PUBLAW.


United States Code (unannotated) Published by the Office of the Law Revision Counsel of the U.S. House of Representatives.  Titles reenacted as positive law supersede the Statutes at Large as the authoritative text.
KF 62

United States Code Annotated (West) Contains the unofficial text of the U.S. Code along with annotations to West Key Numbers, case citations, ALR annotations, etc.
KF 62 W4

United States Code Service (Lexis) Offers annotations to case law and other Lexis secondary law publications.
KF 62 L38

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