Finding the status of a bill

Print sources

Congressional Index

Check the "Status of Senate Bills" section or "Status of House Bills" in appropriate volume.  Searching by subject is also available.

KF 49 C6  Law Reference

Electronic sources

THOMAS -- Detailed status information is available with links to bill text and amendments.  Congressional Record is available beginning with 101st Congress (1989-90).  Basic status information available from 93rd Congress (1973-74) onward.  Can search for bills by bill number, keyword, subject, type of legislation, committee, and sponsor.

HeinOnline Has the Congressional Record from Vol. 143 (January 25, 1994) to Vol. 153 (November 29, 2007).

Westlaw and Lexis

Lexis Search within database "Bill Tracking Report -- Current Congress" (LEGIS; BLTRCK).  Allows search by bill number or keyword.  Also has databases for 101st Congress (1989-90) onward.

WestLaw Select US-BILLTRK database (searches current Congress).  Contains information about previous sessions from 102st Congress (1990-91) onward.  Permits searching by keyword or bill number.

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