1L Guide on Research, Analysis and Exam Prep

This guide is designed for first-year law students who are looking for materials to help them with their legal research and writing course (LARAW), and basic legal analysis. There is also a section on preparing for exams.

Legal Citation

Generally, students are asked to follow the manner of citation as set forth in the Harvard Law Review Association, Uniform system of citation (known as the HARVARD BLUE BOOK) now in its 19th edition.
KF 245 U5 2010

Students should also be aware of the California style manual, 4th edition, which is the citation manual required for California courts
KFC 75 F67 2000; it is also available on Westlaw Classic – (database=CASTYLE)

Introduction to Basic Legal Citation [electronic resource]is keyed to both the ALWD citation manual and the latest edition of the Bluebook. Most legal research books have a table of citation abbreviations that the student might find useful, e.g. Price, Bitner and Bysiewicz, Effective legal research; Jacobstein and Mersky, Fundamentals of legal research.

For more information see our research guide, How to Read a Legal Citation.

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Legal Writing

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