How to find previous exams

Use this guide to find previous exams given at Santa Clara Law. Exams may be available in either print, or available electronically.


Mabie Law Library makes SCU law school exams available in several places - both in print and online. Previous law school exams in print are available for limited circulation in the library either in the Stauffer Reserve Room or at the Circulation Desk. Selected exams since 1990-present are also available on Emery (SCU Gmail login required). Please check with either Circulation or Reference Staff if you need the password.

A print index of exams by course and professor is available at the Circulation Desk. It will give you the year(s) for which exams are available by professor and subject.

The library only has those exams which the faculty has permitted to be released. These published exams normally include only essay questions and do not include multiple choice or true/false portions of exams. Some professors may place multiple choice exams on course reserve in the library; or professors may place exams, multiple choice questions, sample answers, or other special exam materials online either on Emery, their personal web site, or on TWEN [The West Education Network] if they are using it.

The library staff recommends that you utilize the exam indexes first to locate exams. If no exams are available for either the course or professor, then the [Course] Reserve Lists on OSCAR. Finally you should check the personal website of the faculty.

Heafey Law Library Research Team