World Treaties

Sources and finding guides for treaties to which the U.S. may not be a party.

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Researching Public International Law
Section III.A. of this guide from the American Society of International Law discusses treaties.

International Treaties (GlobaLex)


Some excellent online treaty research guides are available from various law school libraries with large international collections: e.g., Boston University, Columbia, Georgetown, N.Y.U. The Hein Online Treaties and Agreements Library links to some of them. Use search terms such as <treaty research> in any of the major Internet search engines to locate more.


For details about U.S. Treaty Practice, see:

Robert E. Dalton, Chapter 20, "National Treaty Law and Practice: United States," National Treaty Law and Practice, eds. Hollis et al (2005).


Treaties and Other International Agreements: The Role of the United States Senate (S. Prt. 106-71)

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