Federal Civil Procedure

A guide to resources available at the Mabie Law Library for Federal Civil Procedure

Rules of Civil Procedure

Federal civil judicial procedures and rules.

KF 8816 A19   Reserve

  • This reference volume includes the text of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Federal Rules of Evidence, Federal Rules of Appellate Practice, rules governing Title 29, Section 2254 cases and Title 28, Section 2255 proceedings in the U.S. District Courts, as well as a Time Table for lawyers in federal civil cases.  It is indexed.


Federal procedure rules service.

KF 8719 F432

  • This volume contains rules of national application including the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, Federal Rules of Evidence, Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure and the Rules of the U.S. Supreme Court.  It is indexed and also provides a checklist and guide to procedure.


Federal procedure rules service, Ninth Circuit

KF 8719 F433

  • This volume, issued annually, provides localized coverage of the rules needed to practice within the 9th Circuit – i.e. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and each District Court within the circuit.  It also provides a state/federal comparator which correlates the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure with state civil procedural rules or statutes for states within the circuit.


Federal rules service

KF 8830 F4

  • This set allows you to research the full-text of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure as well as the interpretations of those rules by the courts since April 1954.  The set consists of Finding Aids, Digests, and case-bound volumes.


West’s federal practice digest

KF 127 W44

  • Digests all federal materials including Federal Rules Decisions


Federal rules decisions

KF 8830 W4

  • Part of the West’s National Reporter System, it includes opinions, decisions and rulings involving the federal rules of civil procedure and criminal procedure.


Bender’s federal practice manual

KF 8816 A2 1953

  • This two volume loose-leaf set is a quick reference source for the text of all rules pertaining to federal practice.


Federal local court rules

KF 8820 A2 1972

  • This loose-leaf set contains the local rules of the various district courts relating to civil procedure.  This court rules are arranged alphabetically by state.

Civil Procedure Forms

Manual of federal practice: forms / R. Givens

KF 8836 G58

  • Loose-leaf set has forms in hardcopy and on disk, with "strategic considerations" and references to Manual of Federal Practice.


Federal procedural forms: lawyer’s edition

KF 8836 F4

  • Practice oriented forms for federal judicial and administrative proceedings, exhaustively annotated.  Provides cross-references to other Lawyer’s Cooperative publications as well as case law and rules.


West’s federal forms

KF 8836 W4

  • Provides necessary federal forms with exhaustive comments.  Compliments other West publications.


American jurisprudence pleadings and practice forms annotated

KF 8836 A45

  • Contains over 43,000 draft federal and state forms, checklists, and timetables, including complaints, cross-complaints, counterclaims, notices, petitions, declarations, summonses, demurrers, interrogatories, affidavits, answers, replies, motions, stipulations, bills of particulars, subpoenas, orders, writs, jury instructions, findings of fact, judgments, bonds, and decrees.  Includes commentary, statutory and procedural rules references, and an index.

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