Locating California Legislative Documents

A guide to locating California legislative documents.

Pending Legislation

Pending legislation is most easily found on the California Legislature's website. Somewhat confusingly, there are two different websites for legislative information: California Legislative Information (the newer site) and Official California Legislative Information (the older, and more useful, site). Both sites will have the text of bills. If you need other legislative documents, then you'll need to look at the Legislative Publications page of the Official California Legislative Information site.


The Journals of the Assembly and the Senate are day-to-day records of actions taken by each chamber.

Assembly Journal

Is also available electronically from 1849 to present at the State Assembly website.

KFC 14 C33a

Senate Journal

The last few years are available on the Senate website in PDF.  The library also subscribes to this journal in microform from 1941 to present.

KFC 14 C33s


The Assembly and Senate each produce a History showing the actions taken on each bill. Unlike the Journals, which are ordered by dates, the Histories are ordered by type of bill and then bill number.

Senate History website

Assembly History website

Senate Weekly History

KFC 14 C298s

Senate Final History

KFC 14 C31s

Assembly Weekly History

KFC 14 C315a

Assembly Final History

KFC 14 C31a

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