1L Guide for Orientation

This guide is designed to assist first year students, and transfer students, navigate through the orientation process.

How to get your ACCESS Card

ACCESS Cards are issued to all currently enrolled students and active faculty and staff.  Students must be registered for at least one unit to be eligible for an ACCESS Card. 

You will need your ACCESS card for entry into the Mabie Law Library.

Please contact the ACCESS Office if you have any further questions.

The ACCESS Office is located in Benson Memorial Center, Room 106.

Managing your ACCESS Card Account

ACCESS Cards can be used on campus to purchase food items in the cafeteria, use the vending machines, or pay for photocopying costs in the library.

You can add funds to your ACCESS Card (called "Flex Funds") using a credit/debit card.  The Access Office web page has information on how to make a deposit and how to report lost or stolen cards.

What can an ACCESS card do?

  1. Get you into the law library (usage of the Mabie Law Library is restricted to our law students)
  2. Purchase food in the Benson Center
  3. Buy items from the vending machines on campus
  4. Pay for photocopying costs
  5. Use SmartPrint
  6. Take exams
  7. Buy food from participating local restaurants

Accessing Library Databases and Services

One the back of the ACCESS card is a 13 digit barcode.  This number is important for acessing databases when you are off campus and when you make LInk+ requests or Inter-Library Loans.



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