Introduction to Legislative Histories

This guide focuses on legislative history research.

State legislative documents

Pending Legislation

If you need information on a legislative document that is still pending in either the Assembly or State House you will often have to look within the journal for the respective chamber.

California Official Legislative Information

Has the current status for bills in either chamber.


Assembly Journal Is also available electronically from 1849 to present at the State Assembly websiteKFC 14 C33a

Senate Journal The last few years are available on the Senate website in PDF.  The library also subscribes to this journal in microform from 1941 to present. KFC 14 C33s


Each chamber also publishes a record of major actions on each bill to date.  It also includes a numerical list of bills, showing author, title, and action taken.

Senate Weekly History KFC 14 C298s

Senate Final History KFC 14 C31s

Assembly Weekly History KFC 14 C315a

Assembly Final History KFC 14 C31a

Electronic Sources


CA Legislative Committee Analysis of Pending Bills Lexis has from 1990 onwards.  Information is written by the staff of the committees of the California State Legislature and is designed for people who need a convenient, time-saving way to analyze the intent of a piece of legislation and summarize the activity taken on the bill in the committee. LEXIS CAL Library  File: CACOMM


California Committee Analyses Database contains the full-text of all available analyses for California bills introduced during current legislative sessions.  Each committee analysis is a document. WestLaw Database: CCA (Current year only), CCA-OLD (1991-current)

Law journals and reviews

Pacific Law Journal Annual review of California legislation (1970- ).  Earlier years' review published as Review of Selected Code Legislation by CEB.  May include the following

  • Selected bill number
  • Selected chaptered number and summary
  • Selected laws
  • Selected statute citation
  • Selected code selection

K 16 P25 Periodicals

CEB Review of Selected Code Legislation (1955-1969) Earlier years' review published as Survey of California Law by University of Santa Clara School of Law.

KFC 27.5 R48 California Collection

Survey of California Law Produced by the University of Santa Clara School of Law (1948-1955) this publication aims to provide a comprehensive survey of legal developments in California.

KFC 70 S97 California Collection

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