U.K. Legal Research

An introduction to print and electronic sources for researching law in the United Kingdom: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.


Halsbury's Laws of England
(4th ed.)
Law Compact Shelving KD310 .H33

Laws of England 
(3rd ed., 1952-1964)
Law Remote Storage KD310 .H32


To locate treatises on British law, search OSCAR by keyword or subject, e.g.:

  • Labor Laws and Legislation -- Great Britain
  • Intellectual Property -- Great Britain

then browse the shelves at the appropriate call numbers (e.g., KD3000 and following for Great Britain employment law) or browse OSCAR by call number. Note that some materials on British law are available in the University Library.

To determine appropriate subject headings for OSCAR, consult the Library of Congress Subject Headings volumes on the dictionary stand near the Reference Collection. Ask any reference librarian if you are having difficulties searching OSCAR.

Legal Periodicals and Indices

To locate periodical articles on United Kingdom law:

To locate British Periodicals in the Mabie Law Library, search OSCAR by subject: law Great Britain periodicals [law Northern Ireland periodicals, law Scotland periodicals]. Note that several U.K. periodicals are available on Lexis, Westlaw and Hein Online. Articles on U.K. law are also found in many U.S. law journals.

For historical materials

For additional information about historical English legal materials, see the portion of this guide on Historical Sources.

Heafey Law Library Research Team