How Do I?

This guide is a series of tutorials covering very basic library research tasks.

Step One - Which jurisdiction?

Are you looking for the federal or state code?  Are you looking for civil code or administrative law?  Here are some examples of each:

Federal Statutory Code: 25 U.S.C.A. § 97

California Statutory Code: Cal. Penal Code § 247

Federal Administrative Code: 25 C.F.R. § 513.1

State Administrative Code: Cal. Admin. Code tit. 9, § 400

Step Two - Find appropriate resource

State and federal code is accessible in a variety of ways.  It is available electronically and in print.  It is also available through both Lexis and WestLaw.  


There is no "official" code for the state of California.  Rather there are two third-party publishers that publish the state code, West and Deering.  For federal code, there is an official code set (U.S.C) and two unofficial annotated code sets (U.S.C.A. and U.S.C.S.).  For California regulatory code, the official set is published by Barclay's.  The official federal regulatory code is published by the GPO (Government Printing Office).

West's California Code KFC 30.5 W4  California Collection

Deering's California Code KFC 30.5 D4  California Collection

Barclay's Offical California Code of Regulations KFC 35 1990 A22  California Collection

United States Code KF 62 2000 A2  Law Stacks

United States Code Service KF 62 L38  Law Stacks

United States Code Annotated KF 62 W4  Law Stacks

Code of Federal Regulations KF 70 A3  Law Stacks


To quickly find the unannotated code section try the following resources:

For federal statutory code: Cornell's LII Institute

For federal administrative code: Cornell's LII InstituteGPO Access

For California statutory code: Official California Legislative Information

For California administrative code: California Office of Administrative Law

Heafey Law Library Research Team