Restatements of the Law

A research guide to the American Law Institute's Restatements of the Law and where they may be found in the Mabie Law Library

Restatements of the Law

Here is a list of the ALI's current Restatements of the Law with links to where they may be found in the Mabie Law Library. Note that some Restatements, most notably Property and Torts, have been updated in parts instead of as a whole. Also note that the Mabie Law Library has in print the older editions and the draft versions of many of these Restatements. These can be found by searching OSCAR, the law library's catalog. Older editions and draft versions can also be found in the American Law Institute Library on Hein Online (see the tab for "Electronic Resources"). Please also feel free to ask a Research Services librarian for assistance.

Agency 3d

  • KF1345 .A7 2006 Law Stacks

Conflict of Laws 2d

  • KF411 .A5 1971 Law Open Reserve

Contracts 2d

  • KF801 .A946 1981 Law Open Reserve

Employment Law 3d, Tentative Draft No. 3

  • KF3319 .R472 Law Stacks (the law library has in print only Tentative Draft No. 1)

Foreign Relations Law of the United States 3d

  • KF4651 .A75 1987 Law Stacks

International Commercial Arbitration 3d, Tentative Draft No. 1

  • (the law library does not have this in print but it is available electronically)

Judgments 2d

  • KF8990 .R47 1992 Law Stacks

Law Governing Lawyers 3d

  • KF300 .R472 2000 Law Stacks


  • KF570 .A73 1936b Law Stacks

Property 2d, Landlord & Tenant

  • KF590 .A85 Law Stacks

Property 2d, Donative Transfers

  • KF613 .A542 1983 Law Stacks

Property 3d, Wills and Other Donative Transfers

  • KF613 .R4762 1999 Law Stacks

Property 3d, Mortgages

  • KF695 .R473 1997 Law Stacks

Property 3d, Servitudes

  • KF657 .R472 2000 Law Stacks


  • KF1244 .A42 1937 Law Stacks

Restitution and Unjust Enrichment 3d, Tentative Draft No. 7

  • KF1244 .A4394 Law Stacks (the law library has this through Tentative Draft No. 6)


  • (much of this has been supersed by the Uniform Commercial Code and the Restatement on Suretyship and Guaranty)
  • KF1050 .A75 Law Remote Storage

Suretyship and Guaranty 3d

  • KF1045 .R472 1996 Law Stacks

Torts 2d

  • KF1249 .A4 1965 Law Open Reserve

Torts 3d, Apportionment of Liability

  • KF1249 .A4 R473 2000 Law Open Reserve

Torts 3d, Liability for Physical and Emotional Harm

  • KF1284 .R473 2010 Law Stacks

Torts 3d, Products Liability

  • KF1249 .A4 1998 Law Open Reserve

Trusts 2d

  • KF730 .A78 Law Stacks

Trusts 3d

  • KF730 .R478 2003 Law Stacks

Unfair Competition 3d

  • KF3195 .R475 1995 Law Stacks

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