Uniform Laws and Model Acts

A research guide on Uniform Laws and model acts that describes these resources and where they may be found in the Mabie Law Library.

Uniform Laws

Uniform Laws Annotated

  • KF165 .A5 1968 Law Open Reserve
  • This edition of the Uniform Laws prints the current text of the Uniform Laws along with listing each state's modifications to the Uniform text. Most importantly, for each provision of each uniform laws, it also provides annotations from the laws of each state showing how state courts have interpreted each provision.

Uniform Commercial Code

  • The first 15 volumes of the Uniform Laws Annotated (above) provide the text of the Uniform Commercial Code along with all of its state-by-state modifications. The set also provides, with annotations, all of the historical forms of the Uniform Commercial Code since not every state has adopted the most current form of the code.

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