International Humanitarian Law: Legal Aspects of War

Humanitarian law sources and guides


This research guide is a brief introduction to the Law of War, International Humanitarian Law. It incorporates references to several other research guides on international law topics: International Legal Research, U.S. Treaties and International Agreements, United Nations Documents, and World Treaties.

Treaties Online

The Hague Conventions

The Geneva Conventions

The United Nations Treaty Collection
See also the UN website for Resolutions, Declarations, etc.
See also the Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights for: International Legal Protection of Human Rights in Armed Conflict (2011)

Hein Online Treaties and Agreements Library

The website of the International Committee of the Red Cross

The Avalon Project (Yale)
See the section on the Laws of War

The University of Minnesota Human Rights Lbrary
See the Laws of Armed Conflict

Heafey Law Library Research Team