Interlibrary Loan Services

Where to Look First

Interlibrary Loan is for requesting books and articles that aren't available to people at Santa Clara University. This means that you'll need to check whether or not Santa Clara University has access to the item you're looking for. Here's where to look first:

  1. OSCAR - Oscar is Santa Clara University's electronic library catalog. It will tell you if we have books or journals in print. N.B. it won't tell you if we have specific articles in print, but it will tell you if we own a print copy of the particular issue of the journal where an article appears.
  2. Journal Finder - Santa Clara University subscribes to many journals via electronic databases. Our Journal Finder will tell you which journals we have electronic access to, and it will give you direct links to those databases. Some of the journals we have electronic access to are listed in the library catalog, but most are not, so you'll have to check here if you're looking for articles.
  3. LINK+ - Link+ is a consortium of California and Nevada public and academic libraries. If you're looking for a book, you'll need to check here after you check our library catalog. If a book is available through the Link+ consortium, you can request it online through the Link+ catalog and it will be delivered to campus for you to pick up at the University Library. The advantage of Link+ over traditional interlibrary loan is that books are delivered much more quickly, usually in just 2-3 business days.