1L Guide on Property

This guide is for One Ls enrolled in 2013-2014 Property Law classes


There are some multi-volume treatises on Property Law. These multi-volume treatises are associated with a particular author's name, even if that author passed away decades ago.
Powell on Real Property  [also on LexisNexis]
Thompson on Real Property  [also on LexisNexis]

Other, one-volume treatises focus on a particular topic within property law:

Preface to Estates in Land and Future Interests (Bergin and Haskell)
Real Covenants and Interests Which "Run with Land" (Clark)


West's Hornbook Series and Concise Hornbook Series provide less expansive coverage than the treatises, above, and more detailed coverage than the Nutshells, below. They are meant as an introduction to the area of law, for both students and practitioners.

The Law of Property (Stoebuck and Whitman)
Prinicples of Property Law (Hovenkamp and Kurtz)
Simes on Future Interests (Simes)
Principles of Intellectual Property Law (Myers)
Real Estate Finance Law (Nelson and Whitman), also available on Westlaw

Although not part of the West "Hornbook" series, the following books from other publishers are also introductions for students or practicitioners:

Introduction to Property (Singer)
Principles of the Law of Property (Cribbet et al.)
A Student's Guide to the Rule against Perpetuities (Schwartz)


West's Nutshell series provides an introduction to areas of law. The footnotes lead to important cases and treatises in the field. Recent editions of Nutshells on Property Law are shelved in Open Reserve. Older editions are in the law stacks at KF560 and ff. These are some of the titles of interest to Property Law students:

Study Guides

The most recent Study Guides for Property Law are on Closed Reserve. Older editions are in Open Reserve or in the Law Stacks at the same call numbers (KF560 and ff.). The older materials are usually in less demand and can often be checked out for a longer time period.

Old Exams

Exams administered in the last two years or so are on Closed Reserve. Older exams are in Open Reserve at the same call number (KF292.S3 A2). Many professors post some of their previous exams on Emery . Also, if you class has a Camino, TWEN, or LexisNexis page, your professor may have provided sample exams there.

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