1L Guide on Property

This guide is for One Ls enrolled in 2013-2014 Property Law classes

How Do I Get Something Out of Remote Storage?

In OSCAR records, a Location of Law Remote Storage indicates that a book or journal is shelved off-campus in our nearby storage facility. (Look in the left-hand column of an OSCAR record for the Location listing.) Law library staff go to the Remote Storage facility on weekdays to retrieve requested materials. 

The good news is that you probably will not need to request anything from Remote Storage unless/until you are doing historical research. The materials in Remote Storage are there because they aren't needed often, just often enough that we don't want to discard them yet. 

There are forms at the Information Services Desk which you can use to request materials from Remote Storage. Ask any Research Librarian for help. On the request form, please specify whether you want to be notified by phone or email when the materials have been retrieved. Usually, you will be able to pick them up at the circulation desk (Informaton Services) within 24 hours.

Sometimes, the materials in remote storage are also available on microfiche or in electronic format. Research Librarians are good at tracking these down for you. So, don't hesitate to ask for help.

Heafey Law Library Research Team