1L Guide on Criminal Law

This is an introductory guide for 1Ls enrolled in Criminal Law during the 2014-15 academic year.

Past Exams

A valuable study tool is practicing on past exams.  It is helpful to see how your professor writes exams.  Exams administered in the last two years or so are on Closed Reserve. Older exams are in Open Reserve at the same call number (KF292.S3 A2). Also, remember to check ClaraNet for old law school exams. Also remember to look for ClaraNet. Camino, TWEN, and LexisNexis pages for your Criminal Law class, to see if your professor has provided sample exams there.

Stauffer Room - Open Reserves

The Stauffer Open Reserve Room is located behind the Information Services desk..  This collection holds heavily used materials that check out for only 24 hours.  You are free to walk into the room to find what you need, just be sure to check the materials out before you leave the area.

Study Guides

The most recent Study Guides for Criminal Law are on Closed Reserve. Older editions are in Open Reserve or in the Law Stacks at the same call numbers (KF 9219 and ff.). The older materials are usually in less demand and can often be checked out for a longer time period.

Criminal Law Treatises

Here are some of the Criminal Law Titles available in open reserves.

Heafey Law Library Research Team