Family Wealth Management

This guide contains information about estate planning and the tax ramifications of family wealth.

Rabkin and Johnson Estate Tax Forms on Lexis

Rabkin and Johnson Estate Planning Forms
Current legal forms for estate planning
(electronic only, via LexisNexis (included in Rabkin and Johnson’s Current Legal Forms with Tax Analysis))

Rabkin and Johnson, Current Legal Forms with Tax Analysis
(electronic only, via LexisNexis; includes an online index )

To get to the Rabkin and Johnson forms on Lexis Advance:
Browse Sources:
Select R > Rabkin…Current Legal Forms with Tax Analysis>

Look for relevant forms in:

Chapter 7 Wills
Chapter 7A Estate Planning for Businesses
Chapter 7B Estate Planning for Community Property
Chapter 8 Revocable Trusts
Chapter 9 Irrevocable Trusts
Chapter 10 Domestic Relations
Chapter 11 Contributions to Charities

To get to the Rabkin and Johnson forms on

Look for the red Research tab near the top of Lexis pages and click on it.
Click on in the right-hand column of the Research pull-down menu.
Select Taxation, under the heading  “Area of Law – By Topic” at the top of the right-hand column of Sources.

At the bottom of the left-hand column, look for the heading Search for Forms & Drafting Instructions
Select Rabkin and Johnson Current Legal Forms with Tax Analysis

Estate Tax Forms on Westlaw

via WestlawNext
Select Practice Areas > Tax > Forms > Tax Form Finder
Use left-hand column to limit/focus

Searching for Federal Estate Tax Forms in the Law Library Catalog

OSCAR Subject Searches for federal forms:

Forms (Law) – United States
Inheritance and transfer tax – United States
Gifts – Taxation – United States

Estate Planning – United States – Forms
Probate Law and Practice – United States – Forms
Aged – Taxation – Law and legislation – United States – Forms
Aged – Medical care – Law and Legislation – United States -- Forms
Social Security – Law and legislation – United States -- Forms

Estate Tax Forms at

Perform a basic or advanced search for, e.g.:  Estate Tax
In addition to hits in search results, note Forms & Instructions and Publications headings in the right-hand column
Click on the Forms & Pubs tab
Select current (or prior year) Forms & Pubs
Search for, e.g., Estate in Title

Heafey Law Library Research Team