Advocacy - Summer 2018

Guide to accompany legal research lecture for the summer session course on Advocacy


You can use the search box and tabs at the top of this guide to search for materials that are cataloged in OSCAR, the University's online catalog.  The catalog includes materials in both print and electronic formats.  Be aware, that not all the materials available in Westlaw or Lexis will be included in the catalog.  If you are looking for treatises, or other secondary sources, it is a good idea to start with the library catalog and then to search Westlaw and Lexis to see if there are other materials available there.  Typically, we will have items in print that are also available electronically through the commercial services.

When searching for journals, always use the "Journal Finder" widget  in the tabs at the top left of this guide or on the main page of the law library.  This widget searches both the library catalog and our electronic subscription databases (including HeinOnline, Justia, and etc.).  Most of the journals we have in print are also available electronically, either in PDF format on HeinOnline, or in HTML format on Westlaw or Lexis.

Useful subject headings

Searching for items by their assigned subject-heading is highly recommended.  Often, students will rely on keyword searching to find items when they don't know the author or title.  This may work most of the time, but you are likely missing some helpful materials.  Keyword searching will only "catch" those items that have that term included in their bibliographic record.  Frequently, synonyms may be used, particularly in legal materials.  When you find the relevant subject-heading and click on it, you will find a list of all relevant materials aggregated together.  This helps to ensure that your catalog searching is comprehensive.

General Monographs on Evidence

Heafey Law Library Research Team