International Trade

An introduction to researching the World Trade Organization, NAFTA, and regional trade organizations


This research guide is an introduction to researching the World Trade Organization, the North American Free Trade Agreement, and selected regional trade organizations.

Many trade organizations have an internet presence. Their websites typically include links to the legal documents according to whiich each organization was established and is governed.

There are several free research guides about international trade available online, inluding:

Journals and Law Reviews

There will be periodical literature about all of the topics in the guide.

Use Westlaw, LexisAdvance or the Law Reviews and Journals database on to search for journal articles in full text.

Click on Indexes to Law Review Articles on the Mabie Law Library Home page, scroll through the list of indexes, and use the search template for each index to find articles. Many of these indexes are not full text. Use the Journal Finder or OSCAR to determine whether the Mabie Law Library or the University Library subscribes to the journal listed in relevant citations.

The Legal Scholarship Network on includes many recent legal articles, some of which have also been published in law reviews and journals.

You may also want to search Social Science databases at the University Library website. Click on Databases and choose a subject from the drop down menu.

You may also have success searching Google Scholar.

GlobaLex Articles on Trade

GlobaLex from New York University has several articles on international trade agreements and organizations:



Harmonized Tariff Schedule (International Trade Commission)

Harmonized Tariff Schedule (University Library CD-Rom)

Heafey Law Library Research Team