Student Journals: Source-Pulling and Cite-Checking

This guide is for students working on any of Santa Clara Law's three student journals.


The Mabie Law Library provides a variety of resources for journal members and editorial staff: print materials, databases, indices and finding guides, research guides, software, a digital repository, interlibrary loan services, training sessions, and the opportunity to consult with dual-degreed Research Librarians.

Each journal has been assigned a law librarian liaison:

Santa Clara Law Review's liaison is Tom Deguzman (, ext. 5327)
Santa Clara High Technology Law Journal's liaison is Tom Deguzman (, ext. 5327)
Santa Clara Journal of International Law's liaison is Mary Sexton (, ext. 6938)

However, any of the Research Librarians will be happy to help you locate sources at Mabie, at the Santa Clara University Library, at other libraries, or online. This guide is designed to answer some of the questions most frequently asked by students working on cite-checking assignments. Feel free to ask us more questions in person, by phone (408 554-4452), via email ( or instant message. We're happy to help.

Basic Legal Research

Law Librarians from the Southern California Association of Law Libraries (SCALL) have created an introductory guide to legal research, Locating the Law, now in its 5th edition, which includes chapters on California and Federal legal materials. The guide is in pdf format; you will need Adobe Reader to view it. See:

  • Chapter 1 -- How to Read a Legal Citation
  • Chapter 3 -- Basic Legal Research Techniques
  • Chapter 5 -- California Law
  • Chapter 6 -- Bibliography of California Resources
  • Chapter 7 -- Federal Law
  • Chpater 8 -- Bibliography of Federal Law Resources

Mabie Research Guides

Several of the Mabie Library Research Guides will also be helpgul when you are in the beginning stages of a cite-checking assignment. Access the list of all Research Guides from the Mabie Law Library home page and see, e.g.:

  • How Do I ?
  • How to Read A Legal Citation
  • Electronic Legal Research
  • List of Subscribed Databases
  • Quick Reference Charts

There are many other Mabie Research Guides, on particular jurisdictions and topics (California, Capital Punishment, Securities Law, etc.)

Heafey Law Library Research Team