United Nations Documents

This guide is designed for students doing research involving UN documents.


This research guide will help you locate United Nations documents in the Mabie Law Library collection and online. Several electronic indices are available to help you verify bibliographic information about UN documents, so that you can request them via inter-library loan if you are unable to locate them online. The United Nations uses a unique numbering system to identify its documents. Knowing something about the symbols will help you search for documents more efficiently.

This research guide contains only basic information about the United Nations Treaty Series. For more detailed UN treaty information, please consult the Mabie Research Guide on World Treaties. For information about the League of Nations, which preceded the United Nations, please ask for assistance at Research Services.

Materials listed in this guide are in Mabie's print collection, microform collection, microform reference section, and online. Please note the location listed for individual items. If you need help locating UN documents, please ask any Research Librarian.

Heafey Law Library Research Team